Knowledge graphing git repositories: A preliminary study
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  1. MSR
    Androzooopen: Collecting large-scale open source android apps for the research community
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    ANCHOR: locating android framework-specific crashing faults
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  2. TOSEM
    On the impact of sample duplication in machine-learning-based android malware detection
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  3. IST
    Icon2Code: Recommending code implementations for Android GUI components
    Zhao, Yanjie, Li, Li, Sun, Xiaoyu, Liu, Pei, and Grundy, John
    Information and Software Technology 2021


  1. ISSTA
    Automatically Detecting API-induced Compatibility Issues in Android Apps: A Comparative Analysis (Replicability Study)
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  2. TSE
    APIMatchmaker: Matching the Right APIs for Supporting the Development of Android Apps
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    Code Implementation Recommendation for Android GUI Components
    Zhao, Yanjie, Li, Li, Sun, Xiaoyu, Liu, Pei, and Grundy, John
    In The 44th International Conference on Software Engineering, Demonstrations Track (ICSE 2022) 2022